Training Partner

Training partners

Here you will find all the partners that offer DRAGON learning opportunities. Learning opportunities can be open-online courses, courses on the learning management system, courses in the virtual team room, courses in China or courses in Germany.


Winkler Bildungszentrum GmbH

Winkler Bildungszentrum GmbH (WBZ) has been active in the field of vocational education and training for more than three decades. In this project, the WBZ is the main supplier of content on production-related topics. The subproject “Program design and Train-the-Trainer” has the aim to create related educational services and to offer them in different settings (e.g. presence on-site, modular through the DRAGON learning platform or synchronously in the Virtual Classroom).


Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI)

The GAMI is located in Suzhou, one of the most popular touristic destinations in China, because of its many canals, also called “Venice of the East” and about 80 kilometers from Shanghai.

The GAMI program deals with production sciences and has three main focus areas:

  1. research
  2. Professional trainings & university education
  3. industry project

Since 2014, GAMI has also been the incubator and central contact point of KIT for industry and science in China.

In the DRAGON project, wbk pursues several goals in the sub-project “Market analysis, content creation of the curriculum and initial rollout”. The focus is on the development and testing of a content-consistent curriculum for the establishment of production management competence and its connection with the Chinese education system.


Becoming DRAGON training partners

The offer of the DRAGON consortium is quality-controlled. That is why only partners  that meet the quality criteria can sell trainings through the DRAGON platform. The Certified Partners can achieve three different levels of certification to which certain rights and obligations are assigned: