Production management

This is about efficient and economical production in a labor-sharing world with global supply chains. It has to be decided which components of a product are manufactured and which components are purchased. For the parts that are produced by oneself, it has to be decided which production method is best for the expected number of parts to be produced. Once you have decided on a method, the supply of materials, semi-finished products and standard parts must be ensured, so that the right quantities are always available at the production site. The quality of the parts, the processes and the whole organization must be ensured and permanently monitored. You have to handle customer orders stable also in case of fluctuations in demand.

The topic of production management is therefore very broad!

Some keywords are:

  • Lean production
  • quality management
  • Industry 4.0 / China 2025 – digitally networked production
  • Value stream engineering
  • Flexible personnel capacities for production
  • Fast product development

Here you will find a growing number of selected production management topics that are currently of great importance in modern industrial production. Most of them also play a role in digitization.