Chucking Machine Tools

CNC milling machines can work with a lot of different tools. The tools have to be clamped into holders. In the following video you can see

  • the eight chuck jaws of the collet, which is clawed by means of an
  • union nut in the conical bore or drill hole in
  • the tool holder.

The tool holders are formed in such a way that they can be inserted in the tool change magazine, from which the milling machine can take out the tool holder with the respective tool. Since the tool holders are all exactly the same shape, the position of each tool holder in the mounting fixture on the milling spindle is identical. But this does not yet define exactly where the tool tip is located:

As you can see in the video, the tool can be put into the chuck jaws in a varying depth. To make sure that the milling machine can work with the tools correctly, it is necessary to measure the tools in the tool station and to enter the measured data in the machine control.