Toothed belt drives

Timing belt drives are used for straightforward movements for handling workpieces or finished parts. In the following photo, several such toothed belt linear drives have been combined with a gripper system, so that computer-controlled parts in a high-bay warehouse, left in the picture, can be stored and outsourced from the warehouse.

Details on the toothed belt drives are here and a repair manual instructions here.

The toothed belt drives 1 and 2 in the picture below, for example: high-bay warehouses, are firmly mounted to the frame made of aluminium profiles. The toothed belts 1 and 2 carry two carriages, which are moved synchronously back and forth in a computer-controlled manner because they are connected to one another via elastic couplings and a connecting shaft, a stepping motor moves both toothed belt drives 1 and 2. On the two carriages another toothed belt drive 3 is mounted vertically, the carriage is moved by a second stepper motor computer-controlled up and down.

The carriage to the toothed belt drive 3 carries a gripper system, with it the parts can be remove and placed in the bay warehouse.

The three storage levels can be approached with the carriage 3, so that the gripping element can be driven, for example by means of the pneumatic cylinder under the workpiece carrier on level 2, lifts him and transported to another point.