Training and Research Factory (Fab21) 2

The Fab21 is a training and research factory for hybrid production processes. This factory focuses most of the automation learning modules on a real industrial system for teaching and training in a modular way. It is located at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and is part of the Competence Center Automation Düsseldorf (CCAD).

The production of a liquid product is carried out by using methods of control engineering. The next videos (from Festo Didactic SE) show a simulation of the process in three stations:


In station B1, the end product is metered into bottles. The bottles are also closed here with lids. The next video shows the controlled process with a smartphone:


In the high-bay warehouse of the D2 station, six-packs are loaded or unloaded. Handling is ensured by an electro-pneumatically operated storage and retrieval machine. The next video (from Festo Didactic SE) shows a simulation of the process:

High-bay warehouse

Toothed belt drives are used for linear movements of the high-bay warehouse.

For more details visit the Fab21 website.