Lean Line Design

精益生产线设计是最好的系统化方法之一,用以简化流程,消除浪费。这样做的目的是通过重 新设计生产和物流,以便提高整体效率和灵活性,以及降低投资的比例,所需空间和缩短产出 时间。在精益生产线设计中,工位设计工具和可视化工厂的工具以及优化的物料配送是关键内 容。同时,智能工具将被引入,其可以自动地收集数据,并进行进一步的分析以及提供对策。


Lean production line design is one of the best systematic approach to streamline processes and eliminate waste. The aim is to redesign production and logistics in order to improve overall efficiency and flexibility, as well as reduce the proportion of investment, the required space and shorten the output time. In lean production line design, tool design tools and visual factory tools and optimized material distribution are key elements. At the same time, intelligent tools will be introduced, which can automatically collect data, and further analysis and provide countermeasures.

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