Lean Production

精益生产是植根于企业生产规律,是对生产规律不断总结和发展的基础上,形成 的企业运营系统解决方案,能让企业不断的保持活力和竞争力,实现永续经营。 在精益生产的实践中,因为对其错误或者片面的理解,导致执行不到位,没有产 生其应有的价值,甚至伤害到企业的根本。本培训在对精益生产科学认知的基础 上,在思维模式和实践方式上启发学员,让其正确的认识精益,并且掌握实践精 益的模式,实现企业的精益转换和个人的自我提升和突破。本培训还将展示精益 生产在工业 4.0 自动化装配线上的一些实际应用案例。


Lean production is rooted in the production law, is the production of the law constantly sum up and develop on the basis of the formation of the enterprise operating system solutions, allowing enterprises to continue to maintain vitality and competitiveness, to achieve sustainable development. In the practice of lean production, because of its error or one-sided understanding, resulting in the implementation is not in place, did not produce its due value, and even hurt the fundamental business. The training on the basis of scientific knowledge of lean production, in the mode of thinking and practice to inspire students, so that the correct understanding of lean, and master the practice of lean mode, to achieve the enterprise lean conversion and personal self-improvement and breakthrough. The training will also showcase some of the practical applications of lean production in the Industrial 4.0 automation assembly line.

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