The offers on this website are intended for companies and for individual persons.

For manufacturing companies in China the DRAGON offer brings an opportunity to qualify their working staff in the production area. This offer aims to support a needs-oriented qualification and to help working staff in many areas to become experts and specialists on a higher level.

There are many topics included in the area production technologies and production management. As a result, the quality of companie‘s products and their manufacturing processes will be improved on the global market. Simultaneously the costs for reworking and system downtime will be reduced. The learning offers are created in such a motivating way that the learners will continue learning processes autonomously.

Persons can start independently with easy going, cost free learning nuggets to acquire production related competencies. They can receive certificates, that increase their value on the labour market. The DRAGON-certificates stand for high quality and increase the chance to get a safe and sustainable job.

A courses overview in the DRAGON project can be found here.