Web Team Room

Beside the regular Web Team Room course offers it is possible to arrange courses according to your demand. All courses are given by proven experts, who answer questions and interchange with the participants directly.

To run these courses we use „vitero“. On the basis of the scientific observation of team work, this „virtual team room“ has been developed especially for team learning and working processes.


By using this button on the upper right side of the screen:


you can move to seperate rooms in the vitero café for meetings of some group members for discussion inbetween and later return to the main room.

The following picture shows the work table and chairs of the „vitero café“, the virtual environment in which participants can meet any time.


In the vitero café are 40 separate rooms for meetings of small groups.

Courses which use vitero are subject to a charge, but save time and cost of journeys, and furthermore up to 40 small teams can meet any time in the 40 separate rooms of the vitero café to discuss open questions with each other, for instance.

All these courses complete with a printed cerificate after the passed exam. Course participation requires particular certificates out of the „open courses“ offers from DRAGON-moodle.